Resource Consent Reviews


Since 2018, Metis have provided support to Lewisham’s Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) regarding their statutory consultee role for surface water drainage proposals submitted for major development.


  • External service to provide regular or as required planning application reviews in a timely and consistent matter
  • Standardized review process aligned to all relevant national, regional and local planning policy and guidance
  • A pool of over ten consultants to assess each application, with three senior consultants to review and submit comments to the LLFA, enabling depth in knowledge and resilience during high application workloads
  • Lump sum priced first reviews, with responses provided within ten working days of receipt to align with the LLFA’s three week statutory consultee deadlines. Opportunities for further reviews of additional information submissions at pre-agreed time charge rates.


Metis have provided benefits for Lewisham in several ways:

  • Review forms summarizing the proposed surface water drainage scheme for new developments, each with recommended decisions for the LLFA to provide to the Council’s Local Planning Authority (LPA). Each decision is supported by justifications made following the assessment of submitted evidence.
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of sustainable drainage systems within the Development Management and Planning Policy teams.
  • Clear decisions and recommended methods to address any outstanding matters, providing the LLFA with the tools to liaise with the LPA case officers and applicants.


Michael Arthur

Project Director


T: 022 071 4653


Martin O’Brien

Climate Resilience Manager

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