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Infrastructure Planning and Delivery

Project selection / problem identification, prioritisation, hydraulic modelling, solution feasibility, testing / optimisation, multi-criteria decision making, whole life cost analysis, carbon assessment, Better Business Case delivery, design and construction supervision.

Specialist Stormwater & Flood Risk Management

For public and private sectors including flood risk / hazard assessment at a range of scales, flood modelling, stormwater management planning, treatment, design of complex stormwater / flood management infrastructure and development of guidance / policy documents.

Peer Reviews

Our senior team can do Peer Reviews in line with the Engineering New Zealand guidelines for any of the services detailed above. We bring international experience and a range of best practice approaches to the Peer Review process. Reviews can be undertaken at the following levels:

  • Concept / Strategic – Confirm the direction of your project and ensure it meets the key objectives
  • Specific – Ensure suitability of deliverables, assess the impact of new factors, test risks or economic viability
  • Regulatory – Confirm that your work follows relevant regulations, codes, standards or guidelines

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Case Studies

Newton Park Flood Alleviation and River Restoration Project

The park originally flooded after heavy rainfall causing damage to residential properties around and downstream of the park. Metis gained funding for and designed the Newton Park West Flood Storage Area and River Restoration Scheme.

Seven Kings Water - Flood Mitigation Feasibility Study

Funding was granted to the London Borough of Redbridge to investigate the flood mechanisms and identify potential flood mitigation options at Westwood Recreation Ground on the Seven Kings Water river.

Urban stormwater modelling approaches in NZ and the UK

Between 2019 and 2020 Metis Consultants and Awa Environmental collaborated to deliver eleven large urban stormwater models in the United Kingdom. The case study draws together lessons learned and how NZ / UK could use each other’s experiences – including how the ongoing three waters reforms could benefit from similar approaches in the UK and the implementation of national modelling standards.

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