Land Development

Our team collaborates with other specialists to deliver the best outcomes for you.

Due Diligence / Feasibility Assessment

Understanding the risks associated with property ownership is essential. We can help you make an informed choice and understand your risk. We have the skills and experience to advise you on the potential impact of flooding and other natural hazards.

Our experience in land development will help you manage natural hazard constraints. In turn, this will help maximise the return on your investment or avoid sites with low potential.

Stormwater Management Plans

Sustainable stormwater management is key to your development obtaining resource consent. We can help from the early phases of site master planning to:

  • Understand and incorporate Te Mana o te Wai principles
  • Identify stormwater management risks (flood plains, overland flow paths and other issues)
  • Assess climate change impacts
  • Create management strategies
  • Integrate effective management within the site layout

This will help you show an ‘Integrated Stormwater Management Approach’ has been adopted within the design. We can support scheme delivery through planning, detailed design, construction and maintenance stages.

Flood Risk Assessments and Overland Flow Path management

If your development is within a flood plain, crossed by an overland flow path or subject to any other type of flood hazard – we can help you understand and manage the impacts. We can deliver:

  • Flood Risk Assessments: Completed in line with NZS 9401:2008 (Managing Flood Risk). The report will take a catchment-based approach to understand risks and develop sustainable / adaptive management solutions.
  • Overland Flow Path Reports: Assess flow path origins, complete catchment analysis (if required), assess risk and develop sustainable management solutions.

Hydraulic Modelling

Wastewater, Stormwater & Rivers

We have the experience and capability to deliver cost-effective modelling. Our team has delivered integrated stormwater models for catchment planning, detailed wastewater system performance models and everything in between. We take a practical approach to modelling. Our work is targeted at achieving the project objectives and effort expended in the right places for the right reasons.

We can use any of the industry standard software packages – XP STORM, Microdrainage, Infoworks ICM, MikeFlood, TuFlow and HEC products.

Resource Consents / Engineering Approvals

We can help you with flooding and infrastructure components of a resource consent and / or Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE). The diverse skills of our team mean we can integrate with your current advisors and produce a coordinated application.

Our team includes Chartered Professional Engineers who can provide design and supervision for minor & major Engineering Approvals including:

  • New stormwater connections or systems
  • Existing stormwater system renewals or modifications
  • Stormwater ponds, wetlands, swales, raingardens or catchpits

Detailed Design

Low Impact Design (LID), Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Drainage and Public Realm

Our team relishes the opportunity to create beautiful and cost-effective designs that embrace Te Mana o te Wai. We use a range of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) / low impact design (LID) techniques to achieve this. Our approach promotes ‘maintenance-led design’ for conveyance and treatment to ensure the right device is in the right place – minimising issues during the asset vesting process to Local Authorities.

Sustainability is front and centre in everything we do. Our track record of creating healthy streets, low emission neighbourhoods and cycleway schemes is unrivalled.

Our services cover all road infrastructure assets. We are focused on delivering innovative, sustainable and value engineered solutions. We’re dedicated to helping our clients enhance funding opportunities through multiple benefits such as better walking and cycling facilities.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Any ‘land disturbing activities’ need to have a supporting Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plan in place. We can develop ESC plans that integrate with construction phasing and form part of your Stormwater Management Plan (SMP). This approach minimises programme risks. We can design the ESC plan to use the same features as the SMP – reducing the need for re-work and temporary structures.

Peer Reviews

Our senior team can do Peer Reviews in line with the Engineering New Zealand guidelines for any of the services detailed above. We bring international experience and a range of best practice approaches to the Peer Review process. Reviews can be undertaken at the following levels:

  • Concept / Strategic – Confirm the direction of your project and ensure it meets the key objectives
  • Specific – Ensure suitability of deliverables, assess the impact of new factors, test risks or economic viability
  • Regulatory – Confirm that your work follows relevant regulations, codes, standards or guidelines

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Case Studies

Birches Trading Estate – Flood Mitigation

Following a series of flooding incidents in the Birches Industrial Estate in East Grinstead, Metis were commissioned to investigate the causes of the flooding, undertake options appraisal and detailed design of a preferred option, before leading the procurement phase and contract administration during construction.

Ilford Town Centre Phase II

Metis were appointed to review the existing Phase 2 design and implement it.

Linden Lodge – Flood Risk Assessment and WSUDs

Metis developed a Flood Risk Assessment and accompanying Sustainable Drainage Strategy to facilitate improvements to the Linden Lodge Kennels & Cattery, a site located within a functional floodplain.

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